A Spot To Fill.

I have this spot or nook will you call it above my oven.  It’s a great little space that I can change-up items seasonally, or just leave it be with simple decor pieces like books, or vases. This past few weeks I decided that it was time to make something that I haven’t done before and that is the construction of a Boxwood wreath.

I basically took one wire hanger, stretched it into a square and wired bundles of boxwood together. Then I wired each individual bundle onto the square frame that I shaped the wire hanger into. I added green decorations to keep the colour green going while playing with different textures and shades of green.  Not bad for 30 minutes work and free boxwood from a wooded area…

I may eventually hang it on our book shelf in the living room or somewhere else in the house as well. The possibilities are  really endless.

Have you ever tried to make a boxwood wreath?  Any other tips?


  1. I’ve never made a boxwood wreath, but love yours!
    xo Sheila

  2. Great job!..love the rich simplicity!…such pretty colours!
    WE make wreaths and have never made a box wood….even with all the box wood around here! I love the old school hanger idea…maybe I should make one after all! Thanks for inspiring!

  3. Your little spot above the stove is so great! I just scored a custom, square, boxwood wreath from a floral store via Groupon. Picked it up yesterday, and I LOVE it!!! I was planning on making one this year, but for this price it wasn’t worth buying the frame! :)

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