Drooling over Mid-Century Pieces and getting lucky with Craigslist.

We’re in full steam ahead with our living room design.  Well, I have to say that we are finally making some progress on this space and I hope to share some photos soon. The crown pattern that I designed has been installed by Darryl, but still needs a paint job by yours truly.  We started tackling the fireplace design last week and the final touches still  need to be put in place for that as well. Darryl has been a really busy guy and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon.  Poor guy.  Oh, he loves it.

With all that behind us I can finally start to forge ahead with bringing in the last few main pieces into this space.  Here’s what’s outstanding:

  • I still require two end tables.
  • Some extra lighting. (Guess who’s shopping for it, and guess who’s hanging them?)
  • a built- in for a mini library perhaps? (Guess who’s designing it and guess who’s building it?). Well, we usually design this type of build together.
  • Some extra fluff such as pillows, art work, or mirrors.


Our space has taken quite a different look since 2 months ago. I have sold now over 4 antique large furniture pieces in the last 3 weeks and it feels so good to get some of the larger pieces out of our home and at the same time make some cash.  These are the pieces that I have sold so far.

{purchased for $90- sold for $90.00}


{not sure of original price, but sold for $150}


{purchased for $40 - sold for $100}


{purchased for $10 - sold for $100}

While I find my personal design style changing like never before I still long for a simple, traditional home filled with hopefully some mid -century pieces one day.  I love the depth of these chairs, their sleek lines,  and overall minimalistic feel. I would however like them with out the seat cushions.  Can I get a AMEN for No seat cushions!!!


{Apartment Therapy}


Dare I ask for these?   Hans Weigners Wishbone Chairs….  Oh so lovely.   They come in a variety of colours. My favorite is black of course.  Or I could settle for white.  Yeah settle,  do you really think I could handle this type of beauty in my home?  I think I could.




 I love the end tables. So traditional, yet simple Modern lines.

{sleek and stylish when all styled up}



Well that’s where I have been dreaming lately.  This living room has been lots of work, planning and true execution on our part.  In the end the room will have the feel I was after design wise and it will feel calm,  sleek, and tailored, but will feel like HOME.


What are you dreaming of lately?



  1. Oh yeah—-the wishbone chair is too cool! Very nice. Very excited to see the changes you are making!!

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