Fashion Meets Design

A few weeks ago I went Shopping with my fashionista Friend Jamie,  and that whole process got me thinking about how Fashion and Home Design are extremely related to one another.

So as I’m trying on endless shirts, jackets, and jeans in the change room I shared with her that Designing a room is much like putting together an outfit.  When you put together your outfits in your closet, do you think about how those clothes make you feel?  I do. I ‘m sure most of us think about a few things when we dress ourselves in the morning, or in the evening when we go out.

1.  Do you want to be comfy and cosy?

2. Do you want to be sophisticated?

3. Sporty?  Bringing in your lifestyle into your wardrobe perhaps?

4. Edgy? Daring, trendy, seeking all things brand new and hip at the moment?

I think that there is no right or wrong answer to fashion.  What one person decides is the right look for them is completely their decision. You may or may not be into what’s trendy now, but you do have the control to find the look that’s just right for how you want to feel.  Don’t feel discouraged if your look and feel is different from the next person.

Inregards to Design, Some people  are drawn towards dark spaces, others light and airy spaces.  They are all right because they were designed with a feeling in mind… that I hope!

Style at Home : Jennifer Ferreira

“Designing a room for myself means that I have a great opportunity to create a feeling – not just great design. Beautiful things placed in a space are great, but if that space has no feeling I believe I’ve missed the Mark!”

 Any thoughts?

What sorts of feelings do you want to create in your home?



  1. If you saw my wardrobe you’d laugh. It’s pretty much black, white, and a little gray thrown into the mix. I have attempted some colour injection here and there, but seriously, I just always drift back to black and white! And that’s what I feel best in, for sure. I think rooms are the same – they have to be what feels comfortable, an authentic reflection of who you are. In the end, if you’re not feel’n it, you can bet your guests won’t be either!

  2. I really wish I had more style sense but I’m the type that dresses comfortably and I try to stay classic. I feel a bit ridiculous when I wear the latest fad. My home reflects the same thing …… pretty relaxed, classic and simple.

  3. Good points Jodi. How would you best describe your own personal style? Would it be true of the clothing/accessories you’re drawn to as well as your home or work spaces?

    • You know my personal clothing style is somewhat like my home. I like clothing to make me feel tailored, simply sophisticated, and most of all comfortable with out sacrificing fashion. Other times I enjoy putting on a huge hoodie, relaxing, without worrying what my home feels like at moment.

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