Finally! The Room for my Niece!

I have had the privilege of working at my Brother’s home  to design a space for my One Year old Niece!  It all started with the reason that I wanted to create this space and the vision I had for the space. Also last week I showed you a sneak preview of  the dresser I painted for her. So here we are and I am all out of excuses as to why I should not show you the space.  The room has been finished for quite some time but any designer will tell you that GREAT Rooms must be photographed!  Lucky for me I have Darryl working alongside me.  But as work is really busy for Darryl, my projects seem to fall to the way side.  I’m not sure or how that happens?

First of all if you are reading this blog for the first time, or if you are new then I would like to introduce you to my itty bitty, cute, amazing, and could squish her forever NIECE. No really… Right now I have a really cute One year old Nephew and a really cute One year old niece. May be someday you will meet my nephew… Anyways, this is her and she is a DOLL…

She is the reason that this room exists, but most of all this room was “birthed” because my brother and sister-in-law have some amazing friends that were kind enough to donate their hard-earned money to allow me to work on the design for this space, but also help give them a room for their little girl.  So to all of you, I thank you, thank you and thank you again!!!
So let me take you back to the first time I set foot in her room to take the before  images.  I don’t believe that I have shown you any so here is my chance.

This is a fairly small space, but the windows let in a lot of natural light in.  It boasts morning sun, which is truly the best kind to have in my opinion. My sister-in-law gave me complete control to design the space how I felt is should be done up and she completely trusted me to pull it all together. She gave her opinions when it was necessary for her to do so and I designed the space around a few of their needs.

1. The room had to be minimalistic but be still stylish enough. If you were to view their home you would see how great and minimalistic the feel of the rest of their home really is.  I appreciate that. One could say that a home like theirs doesn’t appear to be ” lived in enough”, but I totally disagree. When I walk into their home I feel relaxed, calm, and there is a definite easy flow in their home.  I’ll touch on color flow and general flow another day, but for now you’ll have to trust me that they really have this going on with the spaces that they have created so far.

2. The room had to have white curtains and white bedding verses patterned options.  This room could have gone both ways.  Of course,  I honored their request in that they would like all the upstairs drapery  to be all white.  I really like this idea, as all the rooms in the end will feel really clean and tailored.  You know this look is not for everyone, but it’s not everyone’s home. It’s their home and I believe that as home owners we should be able to make this kind of  decision.

3. The room needed to be eclectic. This is them as a couple and even a family. She wanted a mix of old and new to bring the space to life without being too antique.

With these needs addressed I present to you my Nieces room!

You know who I really think loves the room?  This little sweetie.  Isn’t she a doll?

I have to admit I was really enjoying the room with her too!

I believe these are some of the cute outfits that were given to my sister- in- law when my Niece was born so it only seemed fitting to showcase some of these bright, and colorful outfits!


It was a privilege to have worked on this room. To my brother I say, “Fabulous job on the wall panelling!”. To my sister -in- law I say, ” Great Painting!”.  To all of you I say thank you for being so patient in waiting to see the pictures.

Well… that’s my take on a great kids room.  It’s mature and not too kidish, practical, and will really fit this family’s lifestyle.  Now that’s what I call “Intentional Design”.

Have a great weekend!



  1. What a darling room! I love it. So very well done. (Looking forward to meeting you at IDS!)

  2. One of the reasons I love the internet and blogs in general is that each will lead to another and another… and so I ended up here via 6 degrees of separation but I needed to just say WOW. That is the loveliest child’s room I’ve possibly ever seen! That red dresser is just absolutely stunning. What gorgeous photography as well, such a beautiful little girl.

    Really really fabulous job! xxx

  3. Beautiful!!! The dresser is absolutely stunning…

  4. LOVE the room!! I just painted my girls dresser red, and they want pink walls. go figure. I hope it comes out at good as yours

    • Hi Ayana,

      Good luck on the room for your little girls. I used Mellow pink by Benjamin Moore paints that I colour matched to use Behr paints. Let me know how it goes! It’s so nice to have you here. Welcome!

  5. This room is adorable! As a mom to a one year old little girl as well as a three year old girl, I am curious about the crib; I don’t see it in the after shots?

    • Hi Olivia,
      Well, my sister in law didn’t want to keep the crib in the room, because it would have to be painted and we didn’t want to do that. She s is currently sleeping in her play pen all cozy with pillows! In no time she will be out of it and sleeping on her big girl bed. 
      Thanks for stopping by my site, I’m glad you liked the room! 

  6. Dianna Noeth says:

    Love the color of the dresser, what color did you use? Everything looks beautiful!

    • Thanks Diane, and also thanks for visiting my site! I used Colonial Red spray paint on the dresser in Satin. It is a really great color, but don’t let the cap of the can turn you away, it’s real colour is super nice. Hope that helps.

      • Dianna Noeth says:

        Thanks Jodi..I have that color in glossy..I love it..I will use it for my kid’s room project. Once again, lovely room!

  7. I LOVE that red dresser. Seriously. Love. It.
    And the room is so bright and clean. It makes me smile. Any plans for a rug? That white carpet is beautiful, but I have my doubts on the practicality.

    • HI Amanda, Thanks for viisting me here. Their home has all of this carpet installed by the builder. They take really good care in trying to keep the carpets clean. My sister – in – law is really a minimalist and she really didn’t want any patterned curtains or rugs. It was her desire to have all the upstairs curtains white and tailored. A rug or patterned curttins would have been really amazing huh?

  8. I love this room a million times over!  I love that you typed “old and new without being too antiquey”  Yes, girl, you have got that going on !!  The red dresser and mirror set kills !!  Love, love.  Going to pin that one for sure!  what an inspiration :-)))  Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hi Paige, thanks for stopping by our site! I know the dresser/mirror combo was a find for sure! It was a lot of work, but she was sooo worth it!

  9. Such a darling, fun room!  I love the daybed.  Where did you get it?

    • Hi Jenny,

      The day bed they have had for years and It’s from Ikea. It’s super practical for their space as she grows up and has sleepovers. The bed turns into a king when it’s out.
      Great huh?
      Thanks for checking out my site!

  10. familyofthree says:

    Found you through CG… LOVE the room and wondering what shade of pink paint you used! I am getting ready to paint my 3 yr. old’s room pink, but worried it will be *too* pink. 😉 Love the shade you used!

    • The pink that I used on the walls was Mellow pink by Benjamin Moore. # 2094-70. It is fairly pink but it belongs to the brown family so it gives off a really great shade. Take a look at their paint chips in your local store and you will see that it is really a great color! I would suggest bringing the chip into your home to see what it does with your light. Hope that helps.

  11. Wow, what a cute room!! Nice job. You’ll be sure to get lots of visits now, Kate for Centsational Girl featured it on her Best of the Blogosphere. And you definitely deserve it!! Have a wonderful day.  ~ Catie  : )

  12. Jodi, it is stunning. WOW. You are talented girl {and your hubby as well} You two have a great future! Glad I got to know you before you go all famous on us. 

    • Ahh… thanks Barbara! Who know where we will be taken, we just take one day at a time and see where we are directed and how to best use our talents and energy. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I’m very glad to know you too.

  13. Jodi, what a bright, happy, colorful room for your niece! She’s a cutie too. I featured your blog today at

  14. Jodi,
    You’ve done an amazing job of designing your niece’s room. I love it!
    It was great to meet you yesterday at the Design Bloggers meet-up. Looking forward to the next one.

  15. April Ferguson says:

    This room is beautiful. That dresser is stunning and the color looks so great. Great job designing and photographing you two :)

  16. i luv this room! THANK YOU to all my friends for such an awesome gift! jodi……….your thoughtfulness really touches me, THANK YOU! mya is so lucky to have such an amazing auntie! the room is perfect for us. i love everything about it, the pale pink walls, the fire red dresser, the paneling, the pillows, the lamp and the list goes on and on…….from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this gift everyone. mua-mua.

  17. Jodi, You’ve done a gorgeous job of your nieces bedroom! I adore the red dresser, and the outfits featured on the wall. Superb!

  18. Hi Jodi,  it was nice to see you today!  The bedroom looks amazing and so do the photos!!  I love the colour of the dresser it looks awesome, great job:)  Andrea

  19. love it. the pops of colour on all that white… simply gorgeous!! wanna come to calgary?

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